Our Mission

The mission of the Mary Lou & Arthur F. Mahone Fund is to provide educational opportunities for economically and academically deserving youth and to support healthy lifestyles initiatives in communities of color.

The Mahone Fund is a component of the Kenosha Community Foundation.

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Thank You for Your Continued Support

Since its inception in 1999, The Mary Lou & Arthur F. Mahone Fund has raised $1.2 million in private scholarship support for local high school students. This effort has been made possible with the strong partnerships and continuous support we receive from our sponsors, family and community members. We thank you for helping us continue this effort of embracing the pursuit of academic excellence and leadership potential within our community of Kenosha!

All donations directly benefit the Career Exploration Organization (CEO) Program and help us to present academic scholarship opportunities to eligible KUSD, Christian Life and St. Joseph Catholic Academy High School seniors pursuing their education at a two-year or four-year institution.